Why Live Third Avenue?

Rebecca is a brand new owner of one of the homes at Third Avenue. Rebecca is also an accomplished architect. Hear her story...

Having truly appreciated the design and masterplan of Third Avenue, Rebecca tells us her story of why she chose to purchase her new home at Third Avenue.

Watch the video below to discover more.

Third Avenue Interview Rebecca_1_Final_2


“I guess the first thing that caught my eye were the visuals and the way that the geometry and the design was very well thought out. Basically, coupled with the effect that there some good 3D visuals of the property which, because I work a lot with technology, that really supported my decision to investigate further.

And also the fact that the properties were divided with a lot of space - the spatial dynamics - the way that they were created to support, obviously, open living etc. all in line with most of the work I have done in the past and really with my desire for living.”


Rebecca De Cicco

New Owner at Third Avenue & Architect