What made Live Third Avenue stand out?

Jack & Sahra tell us why Live Third Avenue stood out for them when comparing other developments in the marketplace.


Third Avenue Jack & Sahra_1_Final


“I think probably just the location. Being so close to the city, 10 minutes to the beach, close to all the people we love and the things we love in the city and so forth.”

“We really wanted an affordable house that would be really close to the city - close to my parents - which is really what we got here.”

“Ever since I looked at the plan, I really knew that it was gonna be quite spacious. But now looking at the slab, I can tell it's gonna be perfect with the three levels… second level’s perfect with open plan living, perfect for barbeques, good night with the footy… and I really can’t wait to see it. “


Jack & Sahra

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