Unique Vistas, Views & Aspects

Learn more about each individual residence’s unique vistas, views and aspects on the Third Avenue site.

Watch the video below to discover more. 

190131_Third Avenue Interview Andrew_4_Final


“A lot of that was informed through the review of the existing shape of the site. It’s quite a complex shape but we do have some natural assets which we really tried to leverage off – Brownhill Creek being one – so instead of just having a series of townhouses that were line up and perpendicular to the Creek, what we’ve done is we’ve actually splayed them across the Creek,

And that creates a series that every townhouse has got a slightly different view with a slightly different aspect, but also by the radial splaying of those townhouses, when you entering to the site, you get this beautiful view what the architecture is doing, and that then hugs the creation of the central open green space as well, which all of the occupants can share.

Another key design driver was to actually open up the permeability of the site. There was no true distinction between what was the boundary and what was within the site; what we’ve tried to do is open it up and get those vistas through so that anyone, whether they’re entering or leaving, you still get the experience with the sense of an outlook or the view towards a ‘pocket park’.”


Andrew Steele

Principal Architect for Third Avenue