Everard Park - Froth and Fodder Cafe


Coffee has become one of the most important beverages in a person’s day. There are many variables to what forms a great cup of coffee, from utilising fresh beans to how they are stored, brewing at the right temperature - even the smile and friendly banter with your barista.

Everard Park and it’s neighbouring suburbs have some hidden gems waiting for you, all a walk or bike ride away from Third Avenue.

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We have compiled our top 5 coffee establishments near Everard Park. Now when the need for a caffeine hit takes hold - you will be armed with the knowledge of a local. Be sure to visit the following.

1. Dear Daisy - 66 Leah Street, Forestville 5035
A cosy cafe tucked away from Goodwood Road, offering peace and quiet. A good spot to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee whilst getting away from the stress of your working week.

The Whoopsy Daisy burger is at the top of our recommendation list for lunch. The Vegan BLAT is worth a look too! 

Dear Daisy Cafe

2. Gingers Coffee Studio - 109 Goodwood Road, Goodwood 5034 
A hip little coffeehouse to enjoy the retro decor of stoned walls and polished wooden floors, whilst sipping on their famous blend. Gingers offer amazing food for breakfast and lunch - a perfect stop to meet a friend for brunch on the weekend. An ever-changing specials board means you will always have something to try for brekkie.

Gingers Coffee Studio

3. Sublime Cafe - 55 East Avenue, Clarence Park 5034 
Located next door to Clarence Park railway station, this spot will see you enjoy the finest breakfast, lunch and of course cup of coffee.

A cafe not to be overlooked - take a look at their menu online! Open for breakfast - the best meal of the day as declared by them, where the pancakes are plentiful, as well as lunch. A great range of burgers, all available for takeaway as well.

An offering not provided by all cafes is an outdoor dining area which will accommodate your fur baby - and they can host functions for up to 80 people!

Felixstow - Sublime Cafe

4. Froth and Fodder Cafe - 41 Mortimer Street, Kurralta Park
A vintage furnished cafe serving eclectic brunch dishes, burgers and the finest drop of coffee to satisfy your caffeine cravings.  Close to the Kmart & Coles shopping complex in Kurralta Park consider Froth and Fodder as your next pitstop before your grocery shop. 

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5. Cherry Darlings - 5 Aroha Terrace, Forestville 5035
Situated across the tramline, this vegan cruelty-free bakehouse specialises in a unique range of pies, croissants and for that sweet tooth satisfaction, vanilla slices, doughnuts and more. Don’t forget their wholesome coffee goodness bound to wash away any stress!

With these well-reviewed coffee offerings so close to Third Avenue - you could save some bench space and give away your Nespresso machine - OK not really.

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