Quality Living

Quality Design = Quality Living.

Andrew tells us how his client – Developer, Arcadian Property – places an emphasis on the quality of each individual home at Third Avenue and the residents’ enjoyment.

Watch the video below to discover more. 

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“Again, it goes back to the support of the local offerings that we have here within South Australia, but very early on in the piece, it became apparent just how much appreciation our client had in creating a product that was a good quality,

So, making sure that were able to spend money where it counts: so, good quality benchtops - they have been scrupulous with that - making sure that external façades are of a high quality as well. Again, 2.7m high ceilings aren’t too common in this kind of price range so being able to deliver something like that is, I guess, underpins the quality of the client that we are dealing with here.

They would appreciate the volume that is created for these spaces, but it’s also further reinforced just by the brief that we’ve been receiving from Arcadian, I guess, in terms of being able to deliver a product of this kind of quality. They appreciate good design and it’s just about being clever on how you use those elements without breaking the bank.”


Andrew Steele

Principal Architect for Third Avenue