Natural, Earthy & Local

At the core of the design for Third Avenue lies a true passion for the local area, good quality products, and supporting South Australian industries.

Watch the video below to discover more. 

190131_Third Avenue Interview Andrew_5_Final


“A lot of it’s about aligning ourselves with contractors who are in this space, contractors who we’ve got a lot of experience dealing with,

It’s also leveraging off local trades and local products, so everything that we’ve specified within this development will be either locally sourced or locally made, so that way we can really look at propping up the local industry here in South Australia.

South Australia’s got a huge range of really good quality products and that’s how we’ve been able to bring in the use of, say, the brick - that would be local supplier for the brick. Natural timber – again – it’s around the detailing of the timber, the specification of the timber.

That’s an important, I guess, warmth that we tried to add within the overall pallet of this, and that warmth has been carried through most of the products and it’s that point that you make about making sure that inside and outside ‘talk’, we’ve actually tried to integrate that within the interior design as well where we can.”


Andrew Steele

Principal Architect for Third Avenue