Masterplan Design & Why It’s Important

Principal Architect Andrew Steele tells us why masterplanned design is important and how it affects the overall development.

Watch the video below to discover more. 

190131_Third Avenue Interview Andrew_3_Final


“It was one of the key design drivers for this overall project, was to how to unlock the true potential of the site and harness the benefits of good, passive deign principles right the way through the project.

So we’ve been really conscious, and in those workshop sessions with our client, it’s been a lot of rigor placed around how we really maximise natural ventilation; a lot of products here are obviously multi-leveled dwellings so making sure that there’s opportunities for the occupants to be able to control the need for passive ventilation.

The orientation, as well, it’s about creating little views out to the key vista that’s around the perimeter of the development, which is Brownhill Creek - all creating an opportunity for some of the townhouses that are centrally located to have their own little oasis within the overall development; and another key driver was the breakdown of the masterplan so that, irrespective of where you are on the site, there is always a connection to a pocket of green space and a natural vista has been created around that.”


Andrew Steele

Principal Architect for Third Avenue