Interior & Exterior Architecture

Andrew Steele talks about the design process for Third Avenue and how the interior and exterior architecture complement each other, as well as the surrounding established homes.

Watch the video below to discover more. 

190131_Third Avenue Interview Andrew_2_Final


“It’s an integral part of our design process, in our studio, that whether it’s an interior design project or an architectural project, the two have to have to work hand in hand - one forms the other.

It’s got to be a response based on context and specifically for Everard Park - Third Avenue - we’ve actually created a series of materials and a base pallet which is reflective of the context that it’s in.

So you will see some beautifully textured and hand-selected brickwork. We’ve come up with a neutral pallet which is a backdrop to the brickwork so that’s a reflection of all of the beautiful villas and bungalows within the area, and its gets you that finer-grain quality which everyone can look and appreciate, but more importantly, touch and feel when they arrive.”


Andrew Steele

Principal Architect for Third Avenue