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There’s no arguing green spaces provide great benefit to the environment and its future sustainability. Third Avenue has placed a core focus on considered open spaces, with plenty of greenery throughout the entire design. The design ensures Third Avenue to be a sustainable development. Enforced through green spaces for environmental longevity and quality. It allows residents to feel immersed in nature, contributing to their positive well-being.

Everard Park Live Third Avenue Home

Below is a list of the 6 most important environmental benefits green spaces provide.

Urban Advantages - Being close to the city can limit the amount of green space available. And is why it's needed within the confinement of city boundaries. It has helped with the regulation of air quality and reduction of energy consumption. Through countering warming effects on concrete spaces. This has led to protecting lakes and streams from polluted runoff.

Water quality protection - These green spaces are designed to reduce nitrate, that enters surface water runoff. These open spaces provide control in keeping harmful pollutants out of waterways. It is also able to assist with the prevention against an overload of a septic system.

Heat buildup reduction - Majority of these areas are fitted with shade from trees. The shade is able to reduce on-site heat buildup whilst enhancing the cool down process that occur at night time.

Soil erosion reduction - Green spaces provide efficient plant and mulch cover, effective in holding soil in place. It also keeps residue carried over by the wind out of streams, drains and roads.

Air quality improvement - Greenery in open spaces has proved effective in reducing pollutants in the air. On a yearly basis, one tree is able to remove close to 26 pounds of carbon dioxide throughout the atmosphere.

Green resource conservation - The use of greenery is able to contribute to temperature modification. Proven to reduce the number of fossil fuels needed for heating and cooling. Through considered placement of trees, it is able to reduce the temperature in the summer. This has led to air conditioning units running more efficiently.

Everard Park Live Third Avenue Homes

Considered green spaces prove to have a tremendous impact on the environmental benefits. It's obvious to understand the direct contribution that these spaces provide on environmental sustainability. Third Avenue places a big emphasis on creating a master plan with future sustainability front of mind. It's all about providing the most considered design for society’s benefit.

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