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Considered landscaping and ample open space is at the core of the design of Third Avenue. Integrating with the established surrounds, yet creating a sense of seclusion for each individual resident, maximises the benefits of the site area for all.


Green Splotch
blur green_third avenue

Green Spaces Creating Quality

The green spaces consider environmental longevity and quality, making Third Avenue a sustainable development. This consideration and design driver means residents can feel immersed in nature, which contributes to their overall positive well-being.

Integrated Landscape

Third Avenue’s integrated design approach considers how the built form interacts with the surrounding landscape, allowing the internal design features to effortlessly connect with the external features to create an indoor-outdoor living experience.

Integrated landscape_third avenue 

community_third avenue

Communal Gatherings for playful spaces

The considered arrangement of 'pocket gardens' within the masterplan offers active, playful spaces and secluded oases - a welcome surprise in an urban environment.

communal gathering

A Unique Site Identity

The inclusion of natural, local materials creates textured landscapes, signifies local identity and reflects site history, while creating a high-quality living experience for residents – all of which combine to provide a unique and meaningful sense of place.

The landscaping throughout Third Avenue, which includes a variety of plant species and tree heights and shapes, has been designed to ensure you can enjoy peaceful green spaces wherever you are. This includes the gardens, verges and the shared central spine. 

site identity_third avenue

The trees include:

Chinese Elm
chinese elm_third avenue
River Birch
river birch_third avenue
Claret Ash
claret ash_third avenue
honey locust_third avenue
Linden Tree
linden tree_third avenue
jacaranda_third avenue
Crepe Myrtle
crepe myrtle_third avenue
Mandarin Orange + Tahitian Lime
fruits_third avenue

honeylocust leaves_third avenue