Considered Design

Principal Architect Andrew Steele explains the thought process and considered design approach behind the Third Avenue development.

Watch the video below to discover more. 

190131_Third Avenue Interview Andrew_7_Final


“I am very proud of the input. We’ve been working on this pretty closely with Arcadian for 15 months to get us to where we are.

There’s been a lot of thought and consideration put in to this - just the selection of the material pallet alone is something that’s been heavily considered, again, it’s referencing it’s context;

So we all feel very proud and confident of how it’s going to age within the context of the City of Unley, and I think through some other key moves around its design approach of how we’ve actually dressed the façades and how they’re articulated to deal with things like the sun, capturing views, allowing for that passive surveillance, I think they going to age pretty gracefully within the neighbouring suburbs.”


Andrew Steele

Principal Architect for Third Avenue