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We are pleased to announce the builder for the homes at Third Avenue – Centina.

A local and experienced construction company, Centina joins the leading Adelaide team of professionals who are bringing Third Avenue to life. 

Centina is a brand built on family values, honesty and integrity.

They build trust by delivering on promises, they build quality through their attention to detail and they build honesty by approaching each and every project as if they were building their own home. That's what makes Centina a proven leader in residential construction.


"Centina is delighted to be awarded the construction works for the landmark development at Third Avenue by Arcadian Property.

This award is the culmination of an extensive collaborative effort over the past year between Arcadian, Centina, the design team and the sales team.

We are excited to be starting construction immediately and look forward to delivering a high-quality product that does justice to the fantastic architectural design and finishes. We feel that the new owners will be truly thrilled when they move in to the new houses on completion."

- Paul Nardinocchi, Centina Managing Director


Meet the Developer

Meet the Sales Team