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Arcadian Property understands the need to create contemporary urban residences that are connected and forward-thinking, yet still recognising that development must integrate with its surrounds.
Valuing a design-led approach, Arcadian Property focuses on creating and developing spaces for the benefit of both residents and the surrounding neighbourhood.
Arcadian Property places strong aspiration for their business to create contemporary homes that offer buyers a premium to the market. They ensure that every new project starts with the same objective, that is to create a residential address that will live up to the Arcadian Property ethos of quality, design, innovation and style.
CEO of Arcadian Property Warwick Mittiga says “Third Avenue represents everything we are about as a developer – high quality homes with a focus on light & space, bringing a considered approach to contemporary development with an eye for detail. Our plan for Third Avenue was to create a smaller number of larger and better homes – focus on we are developing, not just how many.”